If you are looking for the big tug, stripers are definitely the fish for you. An anadromous fish native to the Atlantic ocean, stripers spawn in rivers stretching from Maine all the way to Georgia. Landlocked stripers were discovered in South Carolina in impounded lakes and were quickly stocked in lakes and reservoirs across the country as a sport fish. East Tennessee and her many lakes and rivers are home to arguably the best freshwater striper fisheries in the country.
Although conventional tackle is most commonly used, fly fishing is an amazing way to experience these fish. But, you better bring your A game. If you want to experience a striper on the fly, be prepared to cast 8 to 10wt rods from point blank to 60 plus feet and place your fly with accuracy. Preferably, we like to throw top-water patterns such as gurglers and creesflies but it is hard to beat a clouser minnow. If you decide to give this a try, just know that the bite can be fast and furious, many times only lasting a few hours each day. Similar to conventional tackle, the spring and fall are generally the best seasons for this technique.


Full Day Trips*: $ 450 ( 8 hours )

Half Day Trips: $300 ( 4 hours )






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