TN Trout fishing forecast 11/06


Fishing has really perked up the past few weeks. Cooler weather and chili rain has jw11.jpgrefreshed our reservoirs and in turn fired up our tailwaters. Better generation schedules for Norris Dam are providing good opportunities for wade and drift anglers alike. The fishing is fairly straight forward, larger pheasant tails, eggs, and worms with a smaller PT or midge trailing. Run this rig under a yarn indicator the depth of the water and half again, you may have to make some adjustments with weight and depth but this formula will get you close. Streamer fishing is picking up but to my knowledge the main show is yet to come. For you streamer addicts I would fish smaller articulated streamer and wooly buggers in tandem, yellow white and black have produced best for me.  A 7wt rod paired with a 200 to 300 grain sinking line should do the job nicley.  I would expect generation to stay more or less the same. Low water in the morning followed by mid morning or mid day generation. That being said always check the schedule before you wade or launch a boat.  will give you all the info you need to plan your fishing trip to the clinch.

IMG_0971.jpgThe Holston tailwater below Cherokee Dam has finally cooled down enough to fish with a clean conscience. Water temps are hovering around 60 degrees and should continue to drop. Flows will be much less predictable on the Holston , I honestly dont expect TVA to run many low water schedules  because Cherokee lake is somewhat high for this time of year. In the event TVA offers a window to fish you may have some killer fishing. You will need a diverse flybox stocked with olive and orange caddis dries 12-20 parachute adams 14-20 griffith gnats and other midge dries 18-22. Nymph wise you can never beat a size 16 bhpt but having a selection of weights and sizes will serve you well, other than that look towards midges, caddis larvae, and eggs to produce sub surface. Again always check the flows before accessing the rivers 

I hope this information is helpful and helps give some direction in your fishing and as always if you would like to book a trip and view our rivers through my lense don’t be afraid to drop me a line or call 865-363-8180

Lastley I would like to thank Matt Crockett at 3 Rivers Anglers for being an extra set of eyes and ears on the water.  If you are visiting Knoxville swing by the shop and top off your fishing kit in East Tennessee’s best flyshop. 5113 kingston pike #C 37919 865-200-5271


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